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Review Approach for Red Lion’s Industrial Controllers and RTU; Types of The product, Features and Other Benefits

Industrial Controllers and RTU is good inovation in this new era. There are so many intentional and needed are wide and selectable developed. All are to gain better human lifestyle.

Those reasons also become the wide reasons why the industries also try to reach and pursue of perfections. They made and offered vary of device and or other things which can be handle out the ideation of better technologies.

Main ideas of better Industrial Controllers and RTU industries working process are belong with the ideas of monitoring and controlling. Due to that fact, there are also many companies which developed they business division to support and provide the industries with kind of that matters. Red Lion are one of former named for automation solution product divisions, which developed many of product depend on what industries needed.

This article are dedicated to enclosure one of Red Lion’s product family called Industrial Controllers and RTU. Each of the following information here are provides for whom which looking a better vision for their industrial controlling and monitoring matters.

Industrial Controllers and RTU
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Suitable Product, For Action In Many Fields; Red Lion’s Industrial Controller and RTU

The best Industrial Controllers and RTU component bring easy working process which can happen out an ideas of effectiveness and efficiency. Each of the Red Lion’s Industrial Controllers and RTU are designed to reach out those ideas. Than that’s why Industrial Controllers and RTU was separated becomes two main functionalities which called; Industrial Controller also Industrial RTUs. Here are the specific product types for each of those functions.

• Graphite Crimson® Industrial Controllers and RTU Control Module

For whom which looking an all-in-one industrial solution, Graphite Crimson® Control Module from Red Lion are can be plugs into Graphite HMI, which are become a requiring solution. This product also adds with IEC 61131 control capabilities, all without additional panel space or a separate programs package requirement.

• Graphite® Industrial Controllers and RTU Controllers

This are controllers which is natively supports with IEC 61131 programming languages. It also can handling and communicates with over 300 protocols. It made with al metal constructions, to handle wide temperature, and totally designed when users want to operate in the harshest environment. Other benefits also can reach by the users with such of; data logging and providing, data visualization and web serving.

Along with Industrial Controllers and RTU family, Red Lion’s Industrial RTUs are also offered in specific product for the users. Here are the specific product named, belong with the features and benefits.

• IPm® Industrial Controllers and RTUs

The Red Lion’s are separate they product Industrial RTUs with Sixnet® product family named. It is an ideal solution for advanced automation environments. Available in non or with communication ports, on board I/O options, and different sizes, this also called as “today toughest industrial applications”.


There are many of Industrial Controllers and RTU developer or manufacture which try to provide the industries with better product. Red Lion are one of former manufactures, which try to developed and reach out better ideation of today automation solution providers. Each of the Red Lion’s Industrial Controllers and RTU products prepared with the ideation of better industrial solution. The product are the description of the quality and matters to create and realize the “effectives and efficient” working environment.

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